Here are some frequently asked questions about the race:


How do I enter? Entry not yet available. When available please select ‘home’ and click ‘Enter Now’

How much is it to enter? 10K £23 for runners affiliated with Scottish Athletics / £25 for runners not affiliated with Scottish Athletics. 5K £16 for runners affiliated with Scottish Athletics / £18 for runners not affiliated with Scottish Athletics

When is the online entry closing date? Entries close Thursday 13th June 2024 10:00am. To receive your race pack by post the deadline is Monday 3rd June 2024 10:00am

Can I enter on the day? This is not recommended as on the day entry cannot be guaranteed, however we will strive to help anyone that wants to run the race

Is there an age restriction? Minimum age for the 10K is 15 years on the day of the event and 11 years on the day of the event for the 5K as recommended by Scottish Athletics

What is the race route? Please select ‘Home’ and click ‘View Route’

Am I insured for the event? If you have a valid SA membership you are automatically insured / if you are not a member of SA, part of your payment will be used for insurance. Please be aware if you select the £23 for the 10K or £16 for the 5K and you are not a member of SA you will not be insured

When will I receive my race pack? The deadline to receive your race pack by post is Monday 3rd June 2024 10:00am. Race packs will be posted shortly after this date. If you enter after this date please collect your number from the WDL main tent on the morning of the race.

What will I receive in my race pack? All runners will receive a race pack including their race number and an information letter. Each number also contains your chip for that race, please look after this carefully and do not bend, crease or fold it. You must wear it on the front of your running top so our MC can give you a mention and be recognised as an official runner. Please add your personal details to the space provided on the rear of your number – this is essential information for us in case of an incident.

My race pack doesn’t contain everything, what should I do? Please email or call 01389 757806

I have misplaced all or part of my race pack, can I still take part? Yes, please email or call 01389 757806 on the day, visit our information area and StuWeb will do their best to provide a new race number and timing chip. A charge of £1 will be enforced for the new number and timing chip.

Can I amend my personal details? People can update their personal details up until the closing date for postage of race packs (note: this is different to the online closing date – see below). They can update their details by logging into their account on entry central.

I have registered but I am now unable to take part? Please email to confirm your non-attendance. You cannot pass your entry to another person without prior agreement from WDL

‘Can I run with my dog? ‘ Runners must not be accompanied by a personally owned or controlled dog in the race. NOTE: Entries may be accepted from runners with medical assistance dogs, subject to them being correctly registered and identifiable as such; and subject to approval by the Race Director.

Can I run with a buggy? No, as per Scottish Athletics event rules there will be no unauthorised wheeled devices permitted on the course.

Is it a tough course? Our beautiful 10K route is relatively flat and fast with stunning views of Loch Lomond. The route uses paths within Balloch Castle Country Park as well as the cycle path along the River Leven providing a relatively traffic free race.

Our 5K route is held completely within Balloch Castle Country Park. The route has a steady incline from 2-3K, but runners are rewarded with amazing views from Balloch Castle and a fantastic long downhill finish. It’s worth the effort!

Race Day

Where is the start/finish? Moss O’ Balloch (G83 8LE). The 10K starts at 10am with the 5K starting at 10:20am

What time should I arrive at? You should arrive no later than 9:30am at Moss O’ Balloch site. 10K runners please assemble at the starting area no later than 9:50am. 5K runners please be patient until the 10K starts and then assemble at the starting area at roughly 10:10am for a 10:20am start. Please listen to announcements by officials to ensure a smooth start.

Where should I gather before the race? The start will be split into estimated finishing times, so please take your place in relation in your own time to avoid congestion. Faster runners to the front, slower runners to the back.

Is there parking? Parking is at Loch Lomond Shores over spill car park – please be considerate to our neighbours when parking. The event can also be very easily reached by bus or train to Balloch Central. Moss O’ Balloch is a two minute walk away from Balloch Central.

Is there changing facilities available? No, please arrive ready to run. There are public toilets very close by.

What do I need to bring on the day? You need to bring along your race number and attach it to the front of your t-shirt using safety pins.

Do I need to check in on the day? No, if you have pre-entered and have your race number you just turn up and get ready to run.

Will there be toilets? Yes there will be portoloos and public toilets available.

Can I give my race number to someone else? No, your race number is a specific personal identifier and may not be exchanged or transferred to any other person unless authorised by WD Leisure.

Is there first aid available? Yes, first aid will be available at the start/finish as well as being mobile throughout the route.

Is there a water station situated on the route? 10K race yes, there will be one water station which is available on both the way out (roughly 4K marker) and the way back (roughly 8K). There will be no water station for the 5K race however water is provided at the finish line.

What happens if I can’t finish the race? Alert the nearest marshal available, who will contact support services.

Is the distance highlighted throughout the route? Yes, there will be markers at each kilometre.

Is there a warm up? No, we recommend that runners do their own specific warm up routines.

How will I know my finishing time? Your personal race chip will start your time when crossing the start line and stop when crossing the finish line. Results from the race will be posted on our Run Loch Lomond website and on Perfect Timing Scotland.

There will be a service located near the finish line where you can enter your race number to get your time.

Is there food and drink available? There are many local cafés and restaurants nearby.

Can I listen to music during the race? UK Athletics’ rules state that ‘in ear’ headphones cannot be used in events where roads are open to traffic. However you may us AfterShokz headphones as it delivers stereophonic sound through your cheekbones to the inner ear.


What are the prize categories? There will be prizes for various categories. Details of the specific prize fund will be announced nearer the event date.

Can an entrant win multiple awards from the prize fund? Run Loch Lomond shares the prize fund as widely as possible to recognise achievements, so individuals will therefore be awarded a prize from the category that offers them the highest value. For example, if a 44 year old finishes 4th overall (£30 prize) but was 1st in the Vet Male 40-49 year old category (£50 prize), this individual would receive the 1st placed VM 40 prize of £50.

I am interested in volunteering, who do I contact? We rely on a huge number of local people and would appreciate further help and support. Please contact

Where is the best place to support runners? Please see route map. The Balloch area provides best viewing for runners starting and finishing.

What will I receive in my goody bag? All runners will receive a technical running t-shirt, medal, bottle of water mars bar and other promotions.